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This is me, writing about languages, translating, interpreting, books, pop/not-so-pop culture and whatever I damn please. Read or don’t.

I write in my mother tongue and in English, because this is the Internet and I can. I could also write in Italian, but can’t be arsed; my schedule is packed as it is.

Oh, and the titles don’t necessarily reflect the content of the text, they are just the catchiest tangentially related thing I could think of without it being clickbait. The last line of each text references Italian songs I like, just because.

On comments: Opinions expressed are mine. While I am pretty sure I hold non-controversial view of the world, my experience with the Internet isn’t a pleasant one. If you have an opinion and wish to express the said opinion, I strongly encourage you to find a suitable medium and do so… elsewhere.

Thank you immensely for your time.

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Barefoot Baranka